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Common Threads

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Tiny and delicate works of stitching art, no bigger than a large postage stamp, were the inspiration for the COMMON THREADS Collection. Known as darning samplers and dating from the late 18th and early 19th century, these diminutive works of art were created by young women from the Netherlands, Germany, Sweden learning how to mend worn areas and holes in cloth by reconstructing woven patterns. The COMMON THREADS collection is an homage to their effort. The Museum of International Folk Art in Santa Fe provided the original inspiration material for this JAN KATH Collection.

Saque 2

Picture of a Saque 2 rug
Rug Details
Picture of a Saque 2 rug
Rug Details

Saque 2

Picture of a Volante 2 rug
Rug Details

Volante 2

Picture of a Watteau 2 rug
Rug Details

Watteau 2